Planting Trees

This month we are planting trees in: Madagascar


Anywhere from 3 trees to an area the size of a football field is cleared per second. Nearly 100,000 acres of forest is cleared per day. About 15,000,000,000 trees are cut down every year,

At Abstract Paw, we strongly believe that we can make a difference and help to replace the trees that are being cut down each day. The earth is our home and we believe it needs to be better looked after.

In order to make a difference, we decided to start planting trees all across the globe to combat the amount that are cut down each day.

On this map, you can see how big of an issue deforestation actually is. The pink area's show tree loss, the blue shows tree gain.


Before long, it will be too late to try and solve this growing problem. We MUST take action now.

In order to help, we have pledged to plant one tree, per every order we receive.

By ordering with us you not only receive a one of a kind custom pet canvas to remember your special pet, you also contribute to saving the planet!

You can see below how many trees we have planted already, thanks to you!



We hope that you join us on our mission to a better planet by helping us plant more trees everyday,